Hoppity Acres Rabbitry

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For every creature of God is good, and nothing is to be refused if it is received with thanksgiving:
NKJV  1 Tim. 4:4

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NKJV Col.  3:17


Welcome to
Hoppity  Acres 
A mother/daughter rabbitry where we raise and show
 Rex, Netherland Dwarfs inARBA  shows and 4-H
We're now working with Siamese Sable, Himilayan Siamese smoke pearls in our Netherland Dwarfs. Lines include McCready's and Micro Ranch.
We dont have any avlabl right now but we're planing on breed some time in the fall   
Email if you would like to have your name put on our waiting list.


We are  members of
Western Montana Rabbit Fanciers,
Treasure State Youth Rabbit and Cavy Club.

We invite you to check out my daughter's website
Hoppity Acres Netherland Dwarfs
 Email for pictures.  We will also have a select few Netherland Dwarf  for sale right now, including, black, blue, and some other. pictures will be coming soon.  

Rex For Sale on Sale Page
We  have a sable martin and chinchilla Sr bucks for sale, pic's soon.
In Netherland Dwarfs we have REW, Black, blue, broken, siamease sable, siamease smoke pearl and blue himi's .
Be sure to visit my daughter's Netherland Dwarf site!


Located in the beautiful Northwest
ARBA Registered Rabbitry # A210
We invite you to take a look around. I try to update our sale page frequently and most always have juniors for sale. Please
email if you have questions or are interested in any that are for sale. Please sign our guestbook  so that we know that you stopped by and if you are inquiring about our bunnies be sure to leave an email address for us to reply too. Thanks