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Astrex are a heritage breed of rabbits that all but disappeared on this continent about 70 years ago. The breed found its way into several other breeds of rabbits as evidenced by the curly fur that tends to crop up from time to time. Rex, Mini Rex, Dutch, and Lionheads are some of the breeds that see frequent curls. Along with a few other breeders, we intend to bring this breed back to life.

Thanks to Annette (a fellow rabbit enthusiast in Idaho) we have recently added 9 of these wonderful curly coated bunnies to our herd.
They are Mini Rex/Dutch cross, hence the dutch markings.
We have two senior does, Jasmine and Mama, one senior buck, Curly Joe and 6 juniors (1 buck and 5 does).
Some are curlier than others but all of them carry the Astrex genes. Curly Joe was curly as a junior and now we are just waiting to see if he molts into a curly coat again. Mama and Jasmine have coats that show some curl and most of  Mama's litter of six have some curls.

Mama (chocolate tort)


Here they are!!

And they are all showing some degree of curliness!!

bucks~3 blues, 1 lilac
does~2 lilac torts

This is one of the lilac tort jr. does pictured above.
 Her eclipse coat is showing a lot of wave.

Lilac tort doe

Cleaning up

Both Lilac tort does

One of the blue bucks

Same buck, not showing too much wave but enough
 in his eclipse coat that I'll be keeping him.

This is my favorite, he is so curious and sits on his feeder to get high
enough to see me when I'm working in the rabbitry. His coat is a
courser texture than any of his littermates, more like his mother,
Jasmine, who has a crushed velvet feel to her coat.

Same buck, I've been thinking about naming him
Dopey or Curious George, he's such a clown.
He's a lilac just like his mother but
with more of the Dutch markings than she has.

We received 2 beautiful broken black pedigreed Mini Rex from
Dori at the
Bunny Trail Rabbitry
 They have waves in their coats and we're hoping they will be a  nice addition to our Astrex program. 
They're littermates, a buck, Hughes' Clyde and a doe, Hughes' Kandi.



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